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Student Policies

Academic Evaluation and Grade Appeals Policy and Procedures

Academic Integrity Policy

ADA Institutional Commitment Policy Statement

Chosen Name Policy

Code of Student Conduct

Computer and Internet Usage Policy

Computer Usage and Intellectual Property Policy

Confidentiality of Disability Documentation Policy

Cooperation with Authorities Policy

Course Substitution or Waiver Policy

Drug and Alcohol Prevention Program Policy

Electronic Device Policy

Emergency Evaluation Policy and Procedures

Immunization Policy

No Alcohol, Drugs or Tobacco in Residence Halls Policy

No Weapons in Residence Halls Policy

Non-Discrimination and Non-Harassment Policy

Non-Solicitation Policy

Overnight Guest Policy

Parental Guardian Notification Policy

Policy and Process for Implementing Approved Student Accommodations

Policy for Students Seeking Accommodation

Reasonable Accommodation of Full Time Status and Part Time Student Policy

Sexual Harassment Policy

Smoking and Tobacco Use Policy

Student Accommodation Determination Authority Policy

Student Accommodation Request Documentation Policy

Student Accommodations for Standardized Testing Policy

Student Equal Access to Technology Policy

Student Grievance Policy and Procedures

Student Organization Policy and Procedures

Student Reasonable Accommodation Grievance Policy and Procedures

Student Service Animal and Emotional Support Animal Policy

Substance Abuse Policy

Timely Warning Policy

Title IX Rights of Pregnant and Parenting Students

Use of Leon C Billingsly Student Center Policy and Procedures

Use of University Facilities Policy

Use of University Grounds Policy and Procedures